FINAL Wimcycle BMX Championship 2010

Wimcycle BMX Championship  Series held since February last, has arrived at the final series on July 31 yesterday, held a competition held in JIExpo PRJ Jakarta was attended by riders from all over Indonesia and neighboring countries Malaysia and also enlivened by the arrival of two original Flatland rider from japan yorkuno and Hiroya Morizaki and also one artist became Ambassador Indonesian BMX  Samuel Zylgwin.


Street Park Category

Senior Class

# Name Team Sponsor
1 Jujun Junaedi BDGBMX Eat shop, Lucky Star
2 Didi Triya Sanjaya BDGBMX Eat shop, 2D, Scrapebikes, Lucky Star
3 Moonthink Bilga Wimcycle Wimcycle
4 Rizky Leonardo Oakley Oakley
5 M. Shahrunizam Lone Ranger Malaysia
6 Oni Anggoro YK Team Propaganda Halfpast 3
7 Ivan Nurma Wimcycle Wimcycle
8 Matheust BDGBMX Oakley, Xtreme Toys
9 Okke Oktavianus BDGBMX DC Shoes & Powerbalance
10 Rocky Level Bikes Bandung Chucky

Junior Class

# Name Team Sponsor
1 Hendro Jasalindo Jasalindo
2 Black Halfpastree Halfpastree
3 Andivi Brotherkids Wimcycle
4 B. Yudho BDGBMX X-stuff & Lt bike
5 Reno Brotherkids Wimcycle
6 Lomo Brotherkids Wimcycle
7 Ade
8 Adhit Idhiotique something Roffin distro
9 Andi MK BDGBMX Maternal Disaster & Lt Bike
10 Diansyah BDGBMX Lt Bike

Beginner Class

# Name Team Sponsor
1 Hari Natal Nugroho Rown Division Rown
2 Famdi Trijuni ABI SUMUT Wimcycle Medan
3 Yusuf
4 Yuda Desta BDGBMX AFW Conspiracy
5 Lupex Brandal Wonosobo Dpalyers
6 Ayub Luqman Monster Night Hoofd awesome
7 Muhamad faisal 163BMX Karawang Why Not
8 Firman Keongan Jogja
9 Adriansyah Brakeless Warrior
10 Eko Brandal Wonosobo

Flatland Category

senior Class

# Name Team Sponsor
1 M Zarifi YSB Malaysia YSB Malaysia
2 Januar Susanto Wimcycle Wimcycle
3 Zimmy Sidoarjo BMX Vision Bleak
4 Evans Fletbek Bekasi
5 Nurland Polygon Polygon
6 Arrad Gacul Fletbek Bekasi X-stuff
7 M. Aristyo Polygon Polygon
8 Adnan A9 Rider Wimcycle
9 Abi Polygon Polygon
10 Ei BDG BMX X-stuff, Munkees

Junior Class

# Nama Team Sponsor
1 Heru Anwari Wimcycle Mugababe, Wimcycle
2 Rivan Warm Bmx Jogjakarta Holocaouse
3 Adi Zimblink Jogjakarta BMX Haymaker Tees
4 Deni enyos Sidoarjo Tanah rata
5 Endut 0254 Flatlang
6 Maulana Flatbek Bekasi
7 Try Sutrisno Warm Bmx Jogjakarta Holocause
8 Januar Arifin Jogjakarta BMX
9 Wiwid Flatbek Bekasi
10 Fuad Aco Fletbek Bekasi

article Andi MK


About ridecorebmx

We are is a clothing company from Bandung Indonesia, exist since last year 2009 to present a something different with other apparel brand aught, RIDECORE CO. supplied has product with BMX LIFE STYLE concept, give a simple graphic for a cool taste, or show a horrify graphic with BMX element and also cool for wear yet. Beside BMX for a dominant influence, art and teenage stuff is a something important for BMX LIFE STYLE like a music,graphic design, fotography, and cinematography, can be support a BMX activity. and overall, it’s for support BMX scene, cause the Indonesia BMX scene is The next big thing. Respect and Stay Ride.
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