product review-2D Crank

2D Crank

2D Crank it’s a BMX part product from 2DBMX and 100% made in Indonesia, this Crank already had of research during for months. Research to do for have find of lightest weight but have of strength very maximal, 2D Crank have an argon welding process by use of steel-wire, at last have a perfect welded result and have hight tenacity.

2D Crank made with design of 2pc crank model and have size 175mm(available in custom size 165mm, 175mm, 180mm) intent to have very lightest weight, 2D crank have a spindle with diameter size 19mm with 48 spline afterwards have heat-treated process on all material so as to be have a strong material.

48 spline

Advertisement review

Product                         : 2D Crank
Brand                            : 2DBMX
Properti                        : 2DBMX
concept                         : Didi Triya Sanjaya
Photo                            : Maruto Ardi (camera;canon eos450D)
Creative director        : Andi MK
Stunt                            : Didi triya sanjaya & Tomi Ganzal
product detail             : Adhitia Taufan (camera; canon eos400D)
Layout &                      : Andi MK
Graphic Design

word Andi MK


About ridecorebmx

We are is a clothing company from Bandung Indonesia, exist since last year 2009 to present a something different with other apparel brand aught, RIDECORE CO. supplied has product with BMX LIFE STYLE concept, give a simple graphic for a cool taste, or show a horrify graphic with BMX element and also cool for wear yet. Beside BMX for a dominant influence, art and teenage stuff is a something important for BMX LIFE STYLE like a music,graphic design, fotography, and cinematography, can be support a BMX activity. and overall, it’s for support BMX scene, cause the Indonesia BMX scene is The next big thing. Respect and Stay Ride.
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