BMX national Comunity  and BDGBMX in Saparua FESTIVAL 2010 will further liftin terms of creativity that will introduce EXHIBITION of what has been produced or thathas been done in Bandung BMX community or national, as showcased Works of Art,Photography, products that support community,Video & Launching  “Return BMXVideo”, and others aimed at Dedication to BMX in Indonesia.

Also there will be a Street & Flatland BMX competition that will be set more FUN todescribe the smell of victory is not a preferred, but a togetherness that will be morehighlighted.

while also, there will be other communities who participated in this event, such as Skateboard, Fix Gear, Inline Skate, and many more, and there will be booths from several brand clothing.


About ridecorebmx

We are is a clothing company from Bandung Indonesia, exist since last year 2009 to present a something different with other apparel brand aught, RIDECORE CO. supplied has product with BMX LIFE STYLE concept, give a simple graphic for a cool taste, or show a horrify graphic with BMX element and also cool for wear yet. Beside BMX for a dominant influence, art and teenage stuff is a something important for BMX LIFE STYLE like a music,graphic design, fotography, and cinematography, can be support a BMX activity. and overall, it’s for support BMX scene, cause the Indonesia BMX scene is The next big thing. Respect and Stay Ride.
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