The Micro BMX video.

Ini video yang kmren malam menjadi thread d twitter, video hasil karya crew BDGBMX, Jujun Junaedy yang tidak lain juga merupakan rider dari DC Shoes Indonesia,  telah di play sebanyak 17 ribu lebih orang sejak diunduh pada 21 febuari 2012. dan menurut rumor yang beredar video ini akan di posting di website resminya Vans Shoes. let’s wathing.!and make some fun.! 😀


About ridecorebmx

We are is a clothing company from Bandung Indonesia, exist since last year 2009 to present a something different with other apparel brand aught, RIDECORE CO. supplied has product with BMX LIFE STYLE concept, give a simple graphic for a cool taste, or show a horrify graphic with BMX element and also cool for wear yet. Beside BMX for a dominant influence, art and teenage stuff is a something important for BMX LIFE STYLE like a music,graphic design, fotography, and cinematography, can be support a BMX activity. and overall, it’s for support BMX scene, cause the Indonesia BMX scene is The next big thing. Respect and Stay Ride.
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