We are is a clothing company from Bandung Indonesia, exist since last year 2009 to present a something different with other apparel brand aught, RIDECORE CO. supplied has product with BMX LIFE STYLE concept, give a simple graphic for a cool taste, or show a horrify graphic with BMX element and also cool for wear yet.

Beside BMX for a dominant influence, art and teenage stuff is a something important for BMX LIFE STYLE like a music,graphic design,  fotography, and cinematography, can be support a BMX activity.

and overall, it’s for support BMX scene, cause the Indonesia BMX scene is The next big thing.
Respect and Stay Ride.



RIDECORECO. Is a brand of clothing from Bandung, born from the background BMX Scene. Founded in 2009 RIDECORECO. which starts from just fad (Andi MK) would like to have a clothing brand in the BMX scene background, and then make some T-Shirt that reads RIDECORECO in own stencil. and behavior unexpectedly sold out, and it is a good first step for RIDECORECO.

After several months, (Andi MK) serious thought to working on this brand, because at this time in Indonesia was once a brand of clothing which is less serious support on the BMX scene, and when it has sufficient capital, RIDECORECO. T-Shirt which produces the given name with the title FIT TEE RIDE GOT HEROIN, T-shirt has a slim fit cuts, in the clothing industry production standards,made with Combed cotton material  with 30’s quality and has a graphic form of writing large printed RIDECORECO.bmx (fullprint).

RIDECORECO. has a mission to support the activities of the BMX Rider in the field of Fashion Lifestyle, such as the tag line owned RIDECORECO. IT’S OUR RIDE LIFESTYE, has a meaning of “BMX is a lifestyle” because of BMX has a close relationship with other things such as fashion, music, lifestyle and, Art.

After having some variant T-Shirt design, RIDECORECO. supporting one member band from Bandung, with metropolish pop punk genre, that is Chster, bassist of the SAPI PUNKGANK RICA-RICA, Chester always use a T-Shirt from RIDECORECO. on each his performance. If you have questions “why RIDECORECO. Band support? “as it has been said above,” BMX has a close relationship with other things such as fashion, music, and lifestyle and, Art. “Therefore we supporting band because in addition to the BMX market segmentation, we also are in music community. And of course RIDECORECO. supporting BMX Rider, namely B Yudho, BMX Rider considerable achievement from Bandung, he is a youngest BMX Rider  in Bandung which has dangerous tricks. As a backflip, tailwhip can-cans, and 360 are very beautiful. And besides these two things (music and BMX), RIDECORECO. highly respected for all the things that smelled of Art, especially in Artwork, photography (BMX photography), and cinematografi.

And on 3 January 2010, RIDECORECO. opportunity for branding on the event NEW SESSION BMX Competition, which is held by BDGBMX. And followed by several participants from several major cities in Indonesia.

and for the next RIDECORECO. determined to continue to try to advance the BMX community, in order to become a large community in Indonesia.


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